Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera multipurpose plant, unlike other plants, this plant also releases oxygen at night, which allows you to get a good night’s sleep. Aloe there is basically a wild plant that grows easily in all parts of the world. It is also called Gheekwar in Urdu. Aloe Vera has an important place in the world of medicine, it is used in facial creams, shampoos, herbal medicines, tonics and sugar medicines, it has many benefits but here are  some of them

Useful For Hairs

Aloe Vera strengthens the hair in many ways. Applying the gel immediately after bathing and washing the hair with water keeps the hair moist and healthy, as well as the use of aloe Vera to prevent hair loss, It works by calming the brain by eliminating scurvy from the inside of the head and thus creates a healthy environment for hair cells. Aloe Vera gel also inhibits a component that grows on the scalp that closes the hair follicles and prevents them from growing back. For scalp hair, doctors recommend rubbing aloe Vera on the scalp or using a shampoo made from Aloe Vera.

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