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Farmers should follow the following recommendations to increase paddy production per acre :

Irrigation after transfer of seedlings
  • One to one and a half inches of water should stand in the field 25 to 30 days after the transfer of the seedlings(cheese).
  • Keep water standing in the field, even when applying granular poison (Dana Dar Zehar) to the crop.
  • When the plants stand up and start picking new leaves. Then gradually increase the depth of water But the depth should not be more than three inches so that the weeding capacity (Jhaar) of the plant is not reduced.
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  • Keep water standing in the field continuously for 30 days from the transfer of the lab so that the herbs can be washed in the field.
  • After that, keep the field in moist condition.
  • After 35 to 40 days, apply the remaining nitrogen fertilizer and then re-irrigate the field.
  • Keep the water standing for five to six days after the herbicide is applied (weeding, poisoning). Then keep it moist.
  • Paddy is a water crop so it can dry out even in water condition. Therefore, it is necessary to water it in the moist condition.
  • If the field is irrigated after cracking, the paddy crop may suffer from an internal water shortage.
  • If at any stage of plant growth the water dries up and cracks appear in the ground¬† Then it will be impossible to raise water in the field and production will be lower.


  • When the crop is harvested (Sitta Nikal lay), do not let it run out of water..
  • When the crop begins to ripe, do not let water shortages and keep the field moist condition

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