Significance Of Cotton

Cotton is one of the most important fibers in the world. It is used to make clothing and other fabric products. His Benola oil is used to make banaspati ghee and used as a new material for preparation. Pakistan is the fourth biggest producer of cotton in the world.  Have special importance to Punjab in this regard. Yes, because about 70% of the total production is produced in Punjab.



Zoning for cotton cultivation in Punjab

 Central areas of cotton (core area)

 Multan Khanewal Vehari Lodhran Bahawalnagar Bahawalpur DG Khan Rajanpur Muzaffargarh Layyah And Rahim Yar Khan districts.

Secondary areas (Non-Core Areas)

Faisalabad Toba Tek Singh Jhang Bhakkar Mianwali Kasur Okara and Pakpattan districts.

Preparation Of Land for Cotton

In order to get good cotton production, it is better to have fertile soil which becomes equality and grainy land after preparation. In this the  better amount of organic matter, the greater the ability to  absorb water and has a longer moisture retention capacity. The lower surface of the earth would not be harder so that the roots of the plant do not have any difficulty in spreading under the ground and around. So plow deep to prepare the ground And level the ground with a laser. So that the roots of the plant can be easily deepened and long moisture can be maintained. Instead of burning the remains of previous crops, mix them well in the ground. Rotavator, Disc Hero or Dredger Plow  should be used for this purpose, so that there is no difficulty in sowing. Crops used as green manure should be buried in the ground 30 days in advance and the field should be watered within 10 days of pressing so that the green manure decomposes well. To speed up the decomposition process, add one or two sacks of urea per acre


BT Verities Of Cotton And Their Cultivation Time

The cotton plant likes heat and dislikes cold. Some Farmers are hurrying up to cultivate the cotton crop after harvesting vegetables or other crops as part of a strategy to deal with the virus threat.  Insects, especially pink boll worm and due to early cultivation Attacks on cotton crop by sucking insects have increased.  Therefore, the cotton crop should be planted at the recommended time.  After harvesting wheat. Choose BT types based on suitable area, available resources, local information and experiences of previous years.  For the following statement Help can be sought.



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How To Find

Soak a 400 seed sample in water for six to seven hours And place one of the two damp towels in a shady place or in a clean place in the room Now count the hundred hundred of seeds soaked in it and scatter them in four different places, And cover this seed with another damp towel or sack.  Sprinkle water on the covered seeds two or three times a day so that the seeds continue to get moisture to germinate After four or five days, lift the upper towel or sack and count the seeds in front of each pile And get their average

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