Month: September 2020

maize cultivation

Maize Cultivation

Maize Cultivation | Makai ki Kasht | Cultivation of Maize Introduction to Maize Crop: Maize is one of the broadest adaptations to emerging crops under different agricultural climate. Globally, maize is known as the queen of grain because it is the absolute best genetic potential in grain. It’s grown on approximately 150 metric hectares in …

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green housing of papaya

Papaya (PAPETA) Greenhouse Cutlvation

Greenhouse Cultivation Of Papaya Papaya is a tropical crop which requires high temperatures to produce good quality fruits all year round. The papaya ringspot virus (PRV) is a serious commercial threat, against which only transgenic papaya cultivars have shown acceptable resistance. Greenhouse cultivation provides both adequate temperatures and exclusion of PRV vector and is thus …

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Aloe Vera

Significance Aloe Vera multipurpose plant, unlike other plants, this plant also releases oxygen at night, which allows you to get a good night’s sleep. Aloe there is basically a wild plant that grows easily in all parts of the world. It is also called Gheekwar in Urdu. Aloe Vera has an important place in the …

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Important and Essential Nutrients For Plants

12 Important and Essential Nutrient Any type of terrestrial plant or crop needs 12 different types of nutrients to meet its nutritional needs. These include phosphorus, nitrogen, potash, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, zinc, boron, iron, copper, magnesium and chlorides. When these nutrients are deficient in the soil, we use a variety of chemical fertilizers or organic fertilizers to make up for the deficiency. …

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The significance of watermelon in food and medicine: Regular consumption of vegetables and fruits plays an important role in balancing the diet and eating healthful foods.  According to experts, man to stay healthy, one should consume 280 grams of vegetables per person per day while in Pakistan this amount is 150 grams per person.Therefore, it …

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Significance Of Cotton Cotton is one of the most important fibers in the world. It is used to make clothing and other fabric products. His Benola oil is used to make banaspati ghee and used as a new material for preparation. Pakistan is the fourth biggest producer of cotton in the world.  Have special importance …

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Olive cultivation

Olive Cultivation in Pakistan​ Introduction   In the agricultural context, olive development is emerging as a dynamic and interesting topic. The growing majority of Italian olives still require organic renewal interventions like farm restructuring and tree planting, technical support for multiple conversions, mechanization, implementation of technological innovations, better organization and contract weight in product marketing. …

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Irrigation For Paddy | Agriculture |Irrigation for paddy crop

Farmers should follow the following recommendations to increase paddy production per acre : Irrigation after transfer of seedlings One to one and a half inches of water should stand in the field 25 to 30 days after the transfer of the seedlings(cheese). Keep water standing in the field, even when applying granular poison (Dana Dar …

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